Client: Elvis Presley Enterprises

Location: USA


We negotiated a licence on behalf of our client with Elvis Presley Enterprises to create a film that incorporated elements of key Elvis soundtracks cleverly written into the film storyline which was not actually a story about Elvis himself but showed his influence and inspiration on people. It was a unique way to combine a modern story with a global icon.

Working with the historians and marketeers and given access to recreate Graceland and other elements in CGI was a huge honour and was well received by both the client and EPE.


Follow Aaron and Mindy on an eventful rollercoaster start to their married life. Doomed at the outset the young couple face separation as Mindy is forced to jilt Aaron. The scheming sheriff falsely accuses her sweetheart of theft and then tries to win her heart.

Duration: 10:00
Format: 3D / HD
Audio: 5.1