Client: The Science Museum & National Railway Museum

Location: UK



The brief from the client was very specific as it related to a major historical event which was being celebrated in the form of a 3D simulator ride film.

We worked very closely with historians and archivists and had to completely replicate every aspect of the events of the day that we included in the film including the station, the train, the dynamometer, seats fabrics, uniforms and still ensure the film retained an air of entertainment for all users.


On the 3rd July 1938, at 4:22 pm, the A4 Pacific steam locomotive, Mallard, swept through Grantham on the East Coast mainline towards Kings Cross. By the time it pulled into Peterborough 26 minutes later the train had reached 126mph – a new world record, which still stands today! The Juice Productions recreated this record breaking run in 4D to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallard’s achievement.

Duration: 04:30
Format: 3D / HD
Audio: 5.1