Client: Unilever PLC

Location: International



We were asked by our clients to produce a 10 minute attraction film working with the famous ice cream and TV brand Max Adventures (also known in some territories as Paddlepop). The brand holders asked us to ensure the story we created was true to the Max Adventures brand and characters . Our client also wanted the the film to be the most dynamic in the 4D arena. We therefore researched some of the hardware suppliers that have the most dynamic effects in their equipment and created a story that used all of these effects if they were available. We ensured the effects made sense in the course of the story but would not have a detrimental effect on the story for less capable equipment.


We join Max on his adventures with his friends on their race to find the ancient crystals before the evil Shadowmaster and stop his unrelenting efforts to rule the world. The characters venture through dangerous temples riddled with traps, experience trekking through the deep jungle, journey across the hot desert and fight through snowy mountains to ensure the safety of the Lion Kingdom.
Duration: 10:20
Format: 3D / HD
Audio: 5.1
No. 4D Effects: 111